Pre-Primary School

( Marathi Medium )

Established in 1975, the Pre – Primary School (Marathi Medium) commenced with 108 students distributed across three classes. The idea behind starting the Marathi Medium School was that the area was occupied predominantly by the labour class who have migrated from different parts of Maharashtra, mainly Konkan and Western Maharashtra. The Mill workers came with their families and settled down in the South – Central part of Mumbai where there were textile mills located. Owing to which, it was the need of the hour to accommodate their children into schools and provide them with quality education at affordable prices. 

Throughout the year, they undertake many activities for the kids on account of various festivals, celebration of certain important occasions. Cultural activities are held at the Annual Functions. Celebration of Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, Independence Day, Republic Day, Maharashtra Din, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, etc. have taken place over years. Active participation of the kids and the teachers can be seen.

We here not only focus on the educational development of the children but also try to bring their all – round development too under the same roof along with teaching and learning. In order to fulfil this, various activities such as food – making without heat and electricity involved, are also undertaken by the school with the kindergarten kids. The aim of the activity is to encourage the children to learn cooking as well at least required for self – sufficiency. 

Presently, the school boasts a student body comprising 13 Junior Kindergarten students, 16 Senior Kindergarten students, and 07 Nursery students. With the total enrolment of 36.


Subjects encompass Language, Mathematics, English, Environmental Studies, all-inclusive toll-free access, drawing, Handcraft, educational games, and Pancha Shloka


Healthy food by ISKON for students


Get Together for Parents & Teachers


Knowledge of computers for every student


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