Aims & Objective

Aims & Objective


Collection and study of social facts, discussion of social theories and social problems with a view to form public opinion on questions of social service.


The pursuit of social service generally, and specially with a view to ameliorate the physical, moral, mental and economic conditions of the people by:

  1. Endeavoring to secure for them better and reasonable conditions of life and work and taking necessary steps for the accomplishment of these objects.           
  2. Providing for them education by means of day and night school and classes for literary and industrial education, lecture series reading rooms and libraries.
  3. Providing for them medical relief.
  4. Spreading amongst them co-operative movement in the form of co-operative credit societies, co-operative stores, co-operative housing and co-operative insurance etc.
  5. Providing for the means of recreation such as social clubs, gymnasium open spaces, week-end excursions etc.
  6. Promoting sanitation and hygiene-personal-domestic and public. 
  7. Combating actively the evils of intemperance, gambling, prostitution and other vices.
  8. Endeavoring to relieve poverty and distress.

Adoption of measures for training of social workers.

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