Abacus and Vedic Maths

Probably of Babylonian origin, an abacus is a calculating instrument that uses beads that slide along a series of wires or rods set in a frame to represent the decimal places. It is the ancestor of the modern digital calculator. Used by merchants in the Middle Ages throughout Europe and the Arabic world, it was gradually replaced by arithmetic based on Hindu – Arabic numerals. Though rarely used in Europe past the 18th century, it is still used in the Middle East, China, and Japan.

Vedic Maths or Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Methods or Sutras to solve numerical computations quickly and faster. It consists of 16 Sutras called Formulae and 13 sub – sutras called Sub Formulae, which can be applied to the solving of problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics, etc.

It helps make calculations fast and easy. Children can learn to do even larger calculations in minutes. This not only helps them in their academics but also later in their further studies and even day – to – day life. It also improves concentration, listening, imagination, memory power, retention, judgement, and application. Keeping in mind the benefits for children, our school has started abacus as a co – curricular activity which enhances the learning process and makes “human – calculators.”

We have centres training the children with Abacus, Mental Arithmetic and Vedic Math. We are also associated with academies which conduct Certificate Courses in our Parel Campus on weekends for the convenience of parents and children. The method of teaching is very Student – Friendly which encourages them to complete their Multi – level training program. Each level has an exam towards the end to check their progress. The students from have participated and won the District, State and National Level Competitions.


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