N. M. Joshi Vidyasankul shelters cultural activities like Classical Dance Education. In Social Service League, we have institutes which are approved by the Cultural Ministry of Maharashtra Govt and have been associated for about 40 years now. They have achieved recognition at International Level. Formerly being a part of IDC, now they are also a member of UNESCO. The World Book of Records has also recognised their contributions towards the society.

The inception of these institutes happened with an intension to preserve and promote the Indian Classical Dance and other traditional dance forms of India. They not only conduct the activity class but also have Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses in Classical and Folk Dances. 

They have also held and participated in various Cultural Exchange Festivals at national and international level. The founder members, the students who have passed out from the academy have also received many laurels for their institution. They have received awards at state level, national level, and international level in various competitions.

Have been doing this for about three generations with active involvement and contribution towards the field of dance and culture, they have trained people who have now become renowned choreographers in Marathi Industry as well as in Bollywood. The students are given opportunities to be a part of such movie projects too. So that they not only have the experience of stage but also have the knowledge about facing the camera.

The organisation believes that it is their duty to enrich, preserve and spread the rich culture of India through Dance and it has been doing so, since its inception.


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