Damodar Natyagruha

Damodar Natyagruha was started in 1922 as a recreation centre for the working class and was used to encourage emerging actors to develop other fine skills in drama. Damodar Natyagruha is well known as the oldest theatre in the city. Many well – known Marathi artists have performed plays in this theatre. Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the theatres experienced a set back like never before. The theatre industry was completely shut for about a year and a half. But it bounced back with a total of 503 programs being held in Damodar Natyagruha alone during the financial year 2022-23, which significantly went upto 70% more in the consecutive year. It included 68 Marathi plays, 32 Gujarati plays, 6 Marathi orchestras, 16 Hindi orchestras, 84 rehearsals and 214 other programs. In October 2022 Damodar Natyagruha, celebrated its Centenary Festival which went on for a celebration for 5 days at a stretch.


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