Inclusive Learning

Secondary School

So as to lead a normal life in future, we have children coming from blind school who enrol themselves in our high school and study the normal curriculum along with the other students of the school. Our teachers are trained specifically to deal with these children but not treat them as different from others in any respect. This is done to bring them at par with the other children in the school.

Teachers have taken immense efforts to achieve certain goals with respect to these children. The Govt provides textbooks in braille to make learning easy for them. Also, some books are now made available to them in the form of Audiobooks which they can access for their reference whenever needed.

Apart from academics, the students who have excelled in cultural fields are also given a chance to participate in various competitions that take place in the school and at inter – school level. Music, Dance, Sports, Poetry Recitation and even writing poetries is done by our students. They have been taking part in all such activities despite the challenges. These competitions, activities and events motivate the children to deliver their best.


CBSE School

The CBSE school has appointed a special educator in order to, set a positive and energetic approach towards the children with special needs, who take time to understand any concept. The teacher helps them to break the complex parts into simpler ones in a way that the student can understand things better. Effective communication helps to them connect with the child and understand them for their well – being. Qualities of being empathetic, patient, creative and flexible towards each child’s need must be pursued by the educator.

A child needs special education services when the child shows following concerns:

  • has learning problem or has difficulty to learn than most other of their age. 
  • difficulties in schoolwork, communication, or behaviour.
  • unable to recognize letters or numbers. 
  • difficulty in blending letters to read or spell words.  
  • has least interest and difficulty in reading. 
  • understanding and following instructions in the classroom. 
  • has difficulty in holding the pencil.

The teacher helps the students in improvising their learning skills and boost their confidence to perform any given academic task. They use innovative and creative ways to make learning easy and simple, that will help to remove/ overcome the hurdles in their developmental disabilities in learning. 

We use various study skills for the students that help them to develop and build liking towards their studies along with the time management. For e.g. when a particular child cannot study with paper and pencil, we use play – way method to help the student understand a particular concept. The studies can be made interesting using different techniques like mind mapping, graphic organisers, visual charts as well as cues, objects, games, etc.


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