N.M Joshi Social Work

N. M. Joshi Para – Professional Social Work Centre

N. M. Joshi since ever was a man devoted to social work. In the year 1911, he established The Social Service League, Parel, with a view to facilitate the working class in the vicinity. He started Schools, Jr. college and even Night High School & Jr. College, Industrial School in the Parel Campus gradually. The aim was to make education available and accessible to the middle – class labourers in this region at affordable prices. He also started libraries in this region to inculcate and develop reading habits amongst the youth. These initiatives certainly prove that he was a man with vision and always worked for the betterment of the society, especially the workers in the society.

In the year 1925, Joshi started The Social Work Centre in the Parel Campus. Joshi since ever was known for his social work. He was fondly named as the “Leader of the Workers” and he proved it to be true always. He strived to improve the condition of the people in the society and aimed at giving them the privileges that they needed to live a healthy social life. He was the Pioneer of various activities. The night high school that was started by N. M. Joshi was the first ever night school in India. Also, the Industrial School was one such initiative. N. M. Joshi Social Work Centre, too was an inaugural activity of The Social Service League. March 2024, marked the passing out of the 100th successful batch of the Social Work Centre, Para – Professional Course.

This Course has not only benefited the needy but also has given social workers to the society who have attained proficiency in their fields. There are people who have passed out from here and have started their own NGO’s. They have worked for the kids in the orphanages, the patients in hospitals struggling for their survival, and many such people in the society who need attention and assistance from professionals to deal with their problems.

The course not only provides with the theoretical knowledge but also gives opportunities to people to have hands on experience. The students are practically taken to the tribal areas and are taught to learn about their problems and take steps to solve them. They are provided with all the technical data base they need to enhance their practical knowledge. No advertisement so far is done to publicise the course, despite which, people enrol every year with enthusiasm. All the new enrolments are purely done on the basis of mouth publicity. This is evident enough to prove the success of the organisation and fulfilment of the objectives of the same.

“Disha” is an initiative that has been going hand – in – hand of the Social Work Centre. It focuses mainly on providing food and other medical aid to the needy. 



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