Counselling Centre

N. M. Joshi Social Work Training Class started the Counselling Centre in the year 2009 for the benefit of the students and their parents of Pre – Primary, Primary & High School. Our counsellor helps the students attain their goals by working on their strengths and weaknesses and uplifting their spirits. Several secondary workshops for students, teachers and staff are conducted regularly.

The whole idea behind this initiative is to create awareness about mental health, problems related to the same and solutions to tackle these issues as they are of utmost importance and are equally critical. 

Social workers in community settings, aganwadi sevikas, school teachers are often the first line of defence against mental health crises faced at community level. These professionals are frequently not adequately sensitised or trained towards dealing with the complexities of varied mental health concerns – within themselves as well as within those they work with. This may lead to mental health issues being inadequately dealt with or even ignored.

Social Service League, Parel is proposing the introduction of a short – term experimental course aimed at introducing social workers to basics of mental healthcare this year. The course does not aim to train its students to practice as mental health professionals. It merely aims at equipping them with the knowledge and skills they require to build create awareness of and communicate effectively with those facing mental health concerns. It focuses on creating awareness about mental healthcare, it deals with the myths regarding mental health issues and also educates about how to identify and deal with the concerns.


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