The Social Service League Curriculum

Founded in 1911, the league has been a stalwart contributor in the realm of education. Recognizing that the remedy for societal challenges often lies in education and proper training, the league has consistently prioritized educational initiatives as a paramount avenue for upliftment.

In 1917, a library was inaugurated in Chinchpokli, a locality predominantly inhabited by the working class. This move aimed to cultivate reading habits among the community. Simultaneously, a night school was established in Parel in 1922, providing an opportunity for workers to pursue education during evening hours. That same year witnessed the inception of an Industrial School for Women in Parel.

initiative aimed to empower women through training in stitching, sewing, embroidery, and crafts, enabling them to earn a livelihood and contribute to their family income. The league’s commitment to education as a catalyst for societal improvement has remained unwavering throughout its rich history.

Pre-Primary School

Established in 1975, the Pre-Primary School commenced with 108 students distributed across three classes.

Primary School

Commencing in 1976 with 2 divisions and 86 students, the Primary School of SSL has grown significantly.

Night High School and Jr. college

The Night High School of SSL in Parel, inaugurated in 1922, has celebrated its 97th year.

SSL English School (CBSE)

The inception of the SSL CBSE School dates back to 2010, commencing
with a modest 27 students
in Nursery.

High School & and Jr. College

In 1966, the High School embarked on its journey with an initial setup of five divisions and a student body comprising 250 individuals.

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